PPA Acceleration Program is finalist in award for innovative solutions

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) was one of the five finalists in the Call for Innovative Solutions, promoted by the SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) in order to select the best initiatives that help society achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

Second in the final evaluation of the technical-scientific committee, PPA competed with its Impact Business Acceleration Program, which in its first year accompanies 15 companies with socioenvironmental impact in the Amazon and has already closed its second call for proposals to receive new companies starting this year. Idesam’s initiative was second only to the Peruvian project “Gastronomy with a flavor of preservation”, in addition to competing with innovative ideas from Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia.

For Ana Carolina Bastida, from the PPA coordination team, participating in processes like this one at SDSN is essential for the Acceleration Program, mainly due to the visibility given to the business support work. “We are in the first year and receiving this recognition of results strengthens the program and is a gain for all of us. In addition, this encourages the strengthening of the business ecosystem with an impact on the Amazon as a whole, because when we talk about this sector, there are generally actions focused more on the South and Southeast [of Brazil], so PPA brings this more focused look to the region”, highlighted Bastida.

In addition to fully meeting the United Nations SDGs, relevance, innovative character, financial viability, scalability and current or potential impact were assessed. Now, the winning project will be presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Development, in New York, later this year.

“We were very honored with the selection of the PPA Acceleration Program for this end of the SDSN process, a real recognition that we are on the right track. Fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and new business in the Amazon is the fundamental way to solve the most urgent socioenvironmental problems in the region,” says Mariano Cenamo, PPA coordinator and director of new business at Idesam.

One of the highlights of the award was also Peabiru Produtos da Amazônia, a company participating in the PPA Acceleration Program, which competed with its meliponiculture project in traditional communities in Pará and Amapá.

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