PPA Acceleration Program is among the five best in Brazil according to Anprotec’s initiative

The 4th Challenge of Incubation and Acceleration of Impact, promoted by the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), by the Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE) and by Sebrae, was awarded in August, during the Innovation Summit Brasil, in Florianópolis, the five best incubation and acceleration programs in the country, presented by the participating initiatives.

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon Acceleration Program was selected as the best in the Northern region. Those chosen competed with more than 30 initiatives from all over the country. The award includes participation in an International Mission for relevant ecosystems on the subject of impact, mentoring ICE members and registration at the Anprotec 2020 Conference.

The Challenge is part of the Impact Incubation and Acceleration Program, which aims to mobilize accelerators and incubators from all over Brazil to include or expand its operations with social impact businesses.

“Being among the awarded initiatives is a great recognition for the PPA Acceleration Program, we are the newest initiative of the group, with just over 12 months of existence and running the first cycle of business acceleration. The merit is shared with all PPA partners, fast-paced entrepreneurs and funders who believe in the potential of the program, in generating more and more impact on forest conservation and income generation for families in the Amazon. In addition to the recognition, participating in the process of training and exchanges with specialist organizations in the area was a rich and important process for structuring the program”, says Ana Carolina Bastida, coordinator of the PPA Acceleration Program.

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