PPA Acceleration Program is among the finalists for the Sustainable Development Solutions for the Amazon Platform’s (SDSN-Amazônia) Innovative Solutions Award

Innovative solutions and good practices for the challenges related to sustainable development in the countries that integrate the Amazon basin led by universities, research centers and civil society organizations will be awarded at the Innovative Solutions Award event of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Amazon, SDSN-Amazônia, scheduled to happen next July 29, in Manaus.

The SDSN-Amazônia Solutions Platform, launched in 2017, is a successful case of the SDSN-Amazônia network and aims to identify and disseminate initiatives that work in synergy with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that are developed in Amazonian countries. The Innovative Solutions Award was created in order to recognize the good work that Amazonian institutions are doing in all parts of the Amazon considering the social, economic and environmental areas.

In this first edition, the platform will reward the best innovative solution with a trip to New York, in the United States, where the representative of the winning initiative will participate in the International Conference for Sustainable Development (ICSD), which will take place in September at Columbia University. On the occasion, the innovative solution developed in the Amazon will also be presented to the main stakeholders and world leaders present at the conference.

In all, 24 innovative solutions developed in the Amazon were submitted to the platform, 14 from Brazil, four from Ecuador, four from Peru, one from Colombia and one from Bolivia. The 24 solutions are available on the SDSN-Amazônia Solutions Platform for public access.

All solutions submitted were evaluated by the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Solutions Platform, composed of the researcher and former director of the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) Adalberto Luis Val; by the CEO of Bemol Brasil, Denis Minev; by the executive director of the Bolivian NGO Herencia, Juan Fernando Reyes; by the researcher from the Institute of Investigations of the Peruvian Amazon (IIAP), Manuel Martín Brañas; and by the deputy director of the Amazonian Institute for Scientific Research (SINCHI), from Colombia, Marco Ehrlich. The solutions were evaluated according to criteria of relevance, innovative character of the solution, financial viability, scalability, current and/or potential impact and adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

*Innovative Solutions*

Of the 24 solutions evaluated, five go on to the final award stage. Two are from the Peruvian NGO Amazónicos por La Amazonía – Ampa Perú, which participates with the solutions Value chains and ecosystem services, a project that makes full use of products and by-products derived from the production chains of honey, quinoa, coffee, cocoa and coconut, as well as driving reforestation, restoration and conservation of forests; and Gastronomy with a flavor of conservation, a project that accompanies associations in the implementation and management of conservation areas, connecting the great pantry of the Andean Amazon with the Peruvian gastronomic chain and renowned cooks from Peru, but ensuring the sustainability of supplies, the defense forests and improving the quality of life of Peruvian peasants.

From Brazil, three solutions participate, two from Amazonas and one from the state of Pará. One of them is the Partnership for the Amazon Platform Acceleration Program (PPA), which aims to encourage and support initiatives and businesses that generate positive socioenvironmental impacts, taking into account the development and growth of startups in the Amazon whose main objective is to transform the current mentality of unsustainable exploitation of resources, both environmental and human, and to focus on a healthy relationship between local economic development, the environment and society.

Instituto Peabiru, in Pará, also participates with the Meliponiculture solution – Social technology for traditional peoples and communities in the Amazon, a technology for raising bees native to the Amazon, of an agroecological nature, which seeks to have a low cost of implantation, simplified management, replicability, enhancement of environmental services, inclusion in the market and empowerment of socially vulnerable groups in Pará.

The third finalist Brazilian solution is the project Primeira Infância Ribeirinha (Early Childhood in Riverine Communities) App: a data management strategy for children in riverine communities in the Amazon, from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), which it developed, in partnership with the company Samsung/SIDIA and the Business and Technology Institute of the North, an application to incorporate the home visitation guide of the Primeira Infância Ribeirinha (PIR) program. The tool, which can be accessed offline, was made with a playful and interactive strategy in the collection of digitalized information and seeks to be a support for the decision-making of public managers in the Amazonas health network. 

2030 Agenda

The importance of the SDSN-Amazônia Solutions Platform and the Innovative Solutions Award have the same motto as the 2030 Agenda: no one will be left behind, according to the evaluation of the manager of the SDSN-Amazon Solutions Platform, Carolina Ramírez.

“We know from memory what the main problems facing the Amazon region are, however, we know little about how to solve them. The Innovative Solutions award, in addition to valuing solutions created by Amazonian institutions, aims to disseminate solutions that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, so that they do not fall into oblivion, leaving no one and no work behind. It is time to honor the good work that Amazonian institutions are doing and to foster new partnerships so that these solutions reach all parts of the Amazon”, says Carolina.

The innovative solution chosen by the SDSN Network will be announced during an event presenting videos of the selected initiatives and an award ceremony on July 29, at the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) headquarters in Manaus, at Rua Álvaro Braga, number 351, Parque Dez neighborhood, South-Central Zone, from 9am to 12pm. The entire event will be broadcast live on the SDSN-Amazonia YouTube channel http://bit.do/eZ67x. 

Text from FAS

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