Organization that has been operating since 2002 for the integration between socioeconomic development and environmental balance. Its mission is to promote innovative actions motivated by the interest of society, added to new technologies and aligned with the conservation of the environment. Based on respect for the local culture and a space for sharing opinions, it works to train people so that they have instruments for the protection and conservation of the environment and acquire more knowledge about their region. It thus aims to contribute to the social and economic development of society, in a fair manner and oriented toward green economy trends. Strategic partner and coordination of WGs 3 and 4 of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon.

Brazilian Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) with more than 20 years of activity whose mission is to facilitate processes of strengthening social organization and valuing socio-biodiversity. Headquartered in Belém (PA), it operates nationally, especially in the Amazon biome, with an emphasis on Marajó, Northeastern Pará and the Metropolitan Region of Belém. It operates in four areas: Biodiversity Conservation; Agroforestry; Social protection; and Corporate Social and Environmental Action. Strategic partner and coordination of WGs 3 and 4 of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon.

Consultancy that supports the development of people and organizations that seek to generate positive social impact. We believe that spaces to reflect on our own practice are essential to build better decisions and paths with more meaning and power. Maniê's practice is guided by looking at people; multiple paths; moments of reflection; movement and transformation; systemic look; and authentic connection. Partner responsible for supporting personal and self-care development for impact entrepreneurs.

UNI is a communication, training and connection project, a support and amplification network for the voices of the people of the Amazon region. The peoples of the Forest are primarily responsible for the preservation of the Amazon and this is because their livelihood depends directly on it, its immense diversity, its uniqueness and its exuberance. UNI seeks to amplify these voices, and to increase the network of institutions and people already working to keep the forest standing. Strengthening them and bringing them to the center of debates on the Amazon rainforest in digital media.

Amazonian accounting management and consulting company with expertise in various fields (commerce, services and industries), focused on results for the best business performance. Partner responsible for accounting analysis and audits in the selection process for investments and provision of services during the Acceleration Program.

Decentralized and dynamic team of social entrepreneurs and regional planners working to energize the sustainable business ecosystem in Brazil, especially in the Amazon, with the mission of accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy that promotes regional prosperity and increases environmental resilience. The ConexSus Institute is a PPA co-investor in the companies Manioca and Peabiru Produtos da Floresta.

Communication and anthropology united in the production of strategy, research, special projects, content, relationships and networking for public policies, the non-profit sector, impact businesses and productive groups in general. In the PPA Acceleration Program, it is responsible for the systematization, organization and production of content related to the business and the process.

Flowmakers is a group of hackers of human systems - professionals specialized in various tools and methodologies for personal, professional and organizational development, which develops systemic transformation processes for people, groups and organizations that dare to think about new ways of being and acting in the world. Partner in training entrepreneurs on strategies, brand/company and market positioning during Workshop 2.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federal German government company for technical cooperation with operations in more than 120 countries. It offers its partners effective solutions to achieve their goals in international cooperation for sustainable development. A technical and financial partner in the Acceleration Program.

With the vision of being a bridge between committed people and transforming ideas, Impact Hub Manaus is a reference in entrepreneurship and social innovation in Amazonas. It is a coworking partner of entrepreneurs and startups in the city of Manaus and in carrying out events and training in the PPA Acceleration Program.

Move Social supports public and private organizations in expanding and qualifying the social and socio-environmental impacts of their actions. Partner responsible for moderating the construction of the measurement and impact assessment strategy of the PPA Acceleration Program and supporting entrepreneurs and startups of the program in the construction of their business models and theory of change.

NESsT invests in social businesses that generate decent jobs for the people who need it most, offering personalized financial investment and individualized support in business development for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets. It is a partner in training in business management and co-investor of PPA in the company Encauchados de Vegetais da Amazônia.

O2 Filmes is a production company, founded in 1991, which has already produced feature films and series that have participated and received awards at the main film festivals in the world such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice, or awards such as the Emmy, Oscar and BAFTA. O2 works with the main Brazilian agencies and provides production services for the international market, in addition to producing recognized and awarded content worldwide. Partner in training entrepreneurs on communication for sustainable business during Workshop 2.

Platform-showcase of businesses with social and environmental impact, Pipe Social connects startups with those who invest and foster the impact ecosystem in Brazil. Pipe is the official platform for registering and evaluating the initiatives participating in the PPA Calls for Business.

Online platform for accounting, tax and payroll management that helps companies to organize themselves and have more control over their movements. Partner in providing and supporting the online platform for accounting, tax and payroll management for entrepreneurs in the PPA Acceleration Program.

Sense-Lab works on strategy and innovation with a focus on developing the organizations, systems and leadership needed to face the main collective challenges of today. Partner responsible for moderating the construction of the measurement and impact assessment strategy of the PPA Acceleration Program and supporting entrepreneurs and startups of the program in the construction of their business models and theory of change.

Pioneer public interest social organization in the development of financial solutions for social impact and in the analysis of socioenvironmental performance of companies and financial institutions. Sitawi is a partner in training on fundraising and negotiation and PPA co-investor in the company Manioca.