The PPA acceleration program was designed to always maximize the impact of the businesses and startups that are part of our portfolio. Therefore, we are constantly evolving to meet the most urgent needs of our entrepreneurs and the opportunities that exist in our partner network. The impact of our program is measured directly from the collective impact of each of the startups that are looking for a better future for the Amazon.

The Program adopts Model C, which is complemented at the same time with the business design and the impact generation chain, with the significant particularity of integrating them in the same tool. The theory, created by Sense-Lab and Move Social, two partners of the Program, allows businesses to see and communicate the inseparability of the two dimensions.

The indicators of the Acceleration Program, as well as its Theory of Change, were also developed through a collaboration with Move Social and Sense-Lab, organized in four categories: socioenvironmental impact, business evolution, management and governance and financial capacity.

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