Focused on entrepreneurs and impactful businesses in the Amazon, 2019 PPA Call for Businesses receives registrations from 06/12 to 07/21

As of June 12, registrations for the 2019 PPA Call for Businesses are open. Entrepreneurs, startups, social organizations, community-based businesses, networks of people/collectives, institutions and companies in the initial stage of their business with impact on the conservation of the Amazon Forest, the valorization of biodiversity and socioenvironmental development can participate.

Registrations from initiatives located or with value chains related to the Brazilian Amazon, which fit into the following areas will be accepted: sustainable agriculture and livestock; sustainable forest management and production and socio-biodiversity products; education and social welfare combined with environmental conservation; mitigation and adaptation to climate change; socioenvironmental products and services; combating animal trafficking, illegal logging, environmental crimes and reducing impact on rivers and forests through waste management.

Registrations can be made until 07/21, via the registration form available at Questions that describe the main activity of each business, details about the planning and current stage of financial development, impacts and socioenvironmental benefits, among other information, must be answered.

Conducted by the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) with support from Pipe Social, the Call will select ventures to participate in a business round with investors for a financial contribution of up to BRL 800 thousand and participate in the PPA Acceleration Program, which includes on-site thematic training, personalized mentoring, coworking, legal advice, accounting, marketing and branding, as well as scholarships for participation in training and events.

“PPA wants to promote the development of businesses with a social and environmental impact to create an economy based on the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the Amazon rainforest. Our major uniqueness is to bring together companies, investors and strategic partners that allow us to leverage business through a complete support package for entrepreneurs that includes everything from specialized training and advice to direct capital investment in the initial stages of the business. The PPA Call for Business was tailored to the Amazon and hopes to awaken entrepreneurship and the business ecosystem with innovative impact in the region”, highlights Mariano Cenamo, Director of New Business at Idesam and Executive Coordinator of PPA.

Information on eligibility, evaluation criteria and call schedule can be accessed in the complete version of the regulation:

1st Call, held in 2018, received 81 entries 

The 2019 Call for Businesses is the continuation of a movement initiated in 2017, when a group of companies, civil society organizations and international entities came together to promote new sustainable development models for the Amazon.

In 2018, the 1st Call was made, which received 81 subscribers, of which 15 were selected to participate in the PPA Acceleration Program, and four of these ventures participated in a section with investors, held during the 1st Investment and Impact Business Forum of Amazon. The projects received financial contributions that totaled BRL 1,185,000. The others selected competed for the Entrepreneur PPA Award, in the total amount of BRL 60,000.

“For the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), it was a great satisfaction to invest and participate in the first call last year. We were very pleased with the success and results achieved – 81 proposals received, 15 businesses identified, 4 received investments. We understand that, through the PPA and its incubation and acceleration program, impact businesses that will present innovative solutions for sustainable socioeconomic development and the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity will be identified. We are motivated and we hope to receive good investment proposals in this second call”, evaluates Alexandre Alves, USAID Private Sector Engagement and Partnership Development Specialist.

The 2019 Call also has the support of Private Social Investment, through the Foundations Group and Impact Institute (FIIMP), Instituto Humanize and Fundo Vale.

FIIMP is formed by institutes and foundations that are, together, learning about the entrepreneur’s journey and impact investments. “For us, this support for PPA means expanding the group’s agenda for environmental causes and also experiencing support for businesses outside the Southeast Region, helping to foster a sustainable business environment in the Amazon, which values natural resources and the peoples of the region,” explains Márcia Soares, of Fundo Vale, a member of the FIIMP Executive Secretariat.

“It is with enthusiasm that we support the PPA acceleration program, an initiative that strengthens businesses focused on the development of socio-biodiversity in the Amazon. The platform’s power of conviction reflects the strength of the partnerships and the dedication of the entire team involved”. Georgia Pessoa, Executive Director of Instituto Humanize. 

The 2nd PPA Call for Business is a PPA event, with the coordination of Idesam and financial support from USAID, CIAT, Instituto Humanize and Fundo Vale. It has a partnership with Pipe Social, Center for Entrepreneurship in the Amazon, Centro de Vida Institute (ICV), CERTI Foundation, Rede Amazônica Foundation, FIIMP, Sitawi and Conexsus and support from the following companies and organizations: Natura, Instituto Peabiru, Amazon Conservation Team (Ecam), Bemol, DD&L, Whirpool, Cervejaria Ambev, Beraca, Agropalma, Abrapalma, Althelia and Grupo Rede Amazônica.


Registration for the 2019 PPA Call for Business must be made through the website until 07/21/2019.

Learn more about the businesses selected in the 1st Call, and that currently participate in the PPA Acceleration Program:


Agriculture and sustainable livestock: solutions in production, processing, commercialization or services related to agriculture or livestock that prioritize sustainable practices and family production. Here we can consider a consortium of cultures; agroforestry (agriculture and forest) and silvopastoral systems (livestock, farming, forest); low-impact animal protein production (e.g. fish farming; organic or agroecological production; livestock production without deforestation/sustainable livestock production; support services for the agriculture chain, livestock, fish farming: supply of more sustainable inputs, technical assistance, logistics platforms and/or marketing, etc.

Sustainable forest management and production and socio-biodiversity products: solutions for extraction, processing, commercialization or services related to sustainable forest management and production (timber and non-timber), with the enhancement of the socio-biodiversity of the Amazon. This is the case of sustainably managed timber products; sustainable extractive activities – chain of copaiba and andiroba oils and other derivatives of socio-biodiversity under sustainable management; sustainable chain for the production and processing of native açai; handling, processing and/or marketing of Brazil nuts under sustainable management; management and improvement of certified or sustainable timber; support services for the forest chain: technical assistance, logistics and/or marketing platforms, etc.

Education and social well-being combined with environmental conservation: these are activities, projects and services aimed at education and training for children, youth and adults (preferably in rural and riverside areas in the Amazon) that promote social well-being, rural entrepreneurship, education environmental, valorization of socio-biodiversity and natural resources.

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change: productive activities, new technologies, services or initiatives that promote mitigation or adaptation to climate change. For example, low carbon agriculture and livestock (also related to the first topic); renewable energies for rural and riverside communities in the Amazon (solar, wind, etc.); smart irrigation techniques for rural and riverine communities in the Amazon, among others.

Socio-environmental products and services: initiatives for measuring, valuing and promoting environmental services associated with conservation and sustainable production activities; forest restoration of areas degraded by agriculture or livestock; or areas of permanent protection and legal reserve; measurement and sale of carbon credits (sequestration or avoided deforestation); ecological tourism, community-based tourism and/or scientific tourism in rural and riverside areas of the Amazon.

Combating animal trafficking, illegal logging and environmental crimes: these are technological innovations, products or services designed to combat animal trafficking, illegal logging and other environmental crimes. Some examples: a technology/app for monitoring illegal activities and/or reports; for traceability of timber forest products or combating illegal wood; qualification or training actions with the objective of prevention and environmental education.Treatment of solid/polluting waste and improving access to water for rural and riverine communities: projects, actions or development of pure technologies or social technologies for Innovation for the treatment of solid or polluting waste or improvements in quality/access to water for rural communities and riverine areas in the Amazon. Technologies, products or actions for the treatment of domestic waste for communities are valid (septic tank, ecological pit, recycling, composting, etc.); for treatment or access to water for communities (artesian well, ecological well, rainwater harvesting, etc.); for the treatment or reuse of agricultural, livestock and/or agribusiness residues; for better water use efficiency for agricultural, livestock and/or agro-industrial activities, etc.

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