About the Program

The PPA (Partnership Platform for the Amazon) Acceleration Program stands out for being entirely dedicated to the entrepreneur who works in the Amazon, as well as to the regional demands and realities. In addition to the business incubation and acceleration process, the program offers opportunities for investment, cooperation, networking and promotes the creation of an interconnected sustainable business community.   

Created in 2018, it is led by a group of PPA companies, coordinated by Idesam (Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon) and has strategic and financial support from USAID, CIAT, Instituto Humanize and Fundo Vale. 

Through annual calls for proposals, it selects 15 businesses for each acceleration cycle, which lasts six months. The path includes face-to-face workshops, individualized mentoring, business follow-up, thematic webinars, scholarships and logistical support for participation in events or courses, and accounting, legal and brand advice.

It also promotes shark tank-style business rounds, which bring together impact investors, philanthropic institutes and foundations and the businesses selected to participate in the acceleration experience. The innovation in the financing model, which through a mechanism called Blended Finance, brings customized options adapted to different types of impact businesses, uniting diversity of sources (private and philanthropic capital) and financial mechanisms in accordance with the different stages and needs of the projects, is noteworthy. 

In a permanent co-creation process, the Program develops in constant dialogue with entrepreneurs, seeking to incorporate their demands and opinions. It is in this way that it becomes, more and more, tailored to Amazon startups, fostering the creation of a network of forest entrepreneurs that is recognized and strengthened.

In 2019, the PPA Acceleration Program was chosen as one of the five best in Brazil in an award by the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec). Among 30 candidates, the Program was considered the best in the northern region.

In the same year, it ranked second in the Call for Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development, which selected the best initiatives in Latin America that contribute to achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the United Nations.